Pastor’s Confession: Why I haven’t given in the Christmas Outreach Offering yet…

 In Our Church

For those of you that don’t know we have invited everyone to give something (even if it’s $1.00) before Christmas Eve to our special fund as we unite around our desire to reach and care for people outside our church walls.

Disclosure: I haven’t given yet.

For most of us, it’s not the lack of “want-to” it’s just that we haven’t “remembered-to“.

The reality is that only 15% of our church has already given.  So if you haven’t yet – just like me – you’re in the majority.  But this is our moment for the 85% of us who haven’t yet given.  This is the week we need to participate.

1. Ask God to settle your heart and then give what you feel led to give – with faith and courage.

2. Give.  You can click here to give right now. (select Christmas Outreach Offering).

We have about $4,000.00 to go to reach our goal.  If we have full participation – we’ll blow this out of the water.  But we all have to do our part.

This money goes directly to our care and love for our community.  It buys shoes to put on their feet…it puts groceries in the food pantry at the Wichita Center…it provides an opportunity to invite our friends and neighbors to hear the gospel…it helps us remind our community that we love them and care for them.

So join me.  By the time you have read this – I will have given…I finally remembered – hopefully this is the reminder that you needed as well.  And for the 15% of you have already given – thanks for leading the charge.

100% participation // 100% to our community.  Let’s do it.

I love being your pastor,

– Brian

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