A Huge Weekend For Hope City

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Hey Hope City Fam!

This is a huge weekend at Hope City! Here are three things you should know:

#1: IT’S EGG DROP SUNDAY! This means every child who attends church this Sunday will be automatically for FREE. We’ll also have the recap video from last year, invite people to volunteer and hand out t-shirts!

  • DO THIS: Invite your friends who have elementary aged children! Use the photo in this email! It’s an easy invite – and some people just need a reason to say yes to an invite! Check out https://hopecitypdx.com/eggdrop-preregistration/ for more details!

#2: IT’S VISION NIGHT! We have some important updates to share with you about the upcoming six months at Hope City. Join us Sunday evening at Ardenwald at 5pm for worship and a special message from yours truly.

#3: THE MESSAGE: I’m really, really excited to share part 2 of “How To Live Through A Bad Day.” This message is for all of us – including your friends.

  • DO THIS: Please be praying that God will use it to bring freedom to people’s lives.

BONUS: It’s Day Light Savings. Ok – so we lose an hour of sleep…but I’m telling you – this is going to be worth it. Plus it will be light out when Vision Night starts! Fun!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Brian

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