What happens when "Brand New" isn’t Better.

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Hey everyone,
I’m really excited to wrap up this series on Sunday at hopecity. “Brand New” sounds great…but this Sunday I’ll be speaking on:
“What Happens When Brand New Isn’t Better.”
If Jesus makes “all things new”…then why do we so often…
– still need medication AFTER we put our hope in Christ
– get cancer AFTER we start praying for healing
– lose out on the promotion AFTER we start trusting God with our finances
– get burned again AFTER we learn to forgive
– have a miscarriage AFTER we asked God for fertility
– experience the pain of an aging parent suffering from dementia AFTER we trust God for a happy ending.
The good news…is that there is good news. And it’s not hype or hyperbole. I hope to see you Sunday. Share with a friend and join us at 9:00 or 10:30.
QUESTION:  Who do you know that needs hope in their seemingly hopeless situation.  Bring them Sunday and let’s all discover how Jesus has everything we need…no matter what.
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